For executives, entrepreneurs, managers, scientists, professionals & representatives of forward-thinking organizations looking for progress.

Strategies that Deliver Results
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Judy Feld works with future-oriented executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, progressive organizations and teams. Her coaching is positive, solution-oriented, collaborative, strategic, and practical. You have arrived at ­ the coaching entry point for Judy Feld since 1995. Choose the door that serves you best — and make the changes that will define your preferred future.

There are two doors to this website:
Business Portal and the Coaches' Portal.

Once inside you will find that many programs and coaching options are available for your specific area of interest and many site pages are interlinked. Please open the door of your choice, and begin to explore the possibilities at We welcome your questions and feedback. The Coach Portal is offered to coaches to represent Judy's long-standing service to the profession — as a leader, innovator and mentor.

For established & aspiring coaches, consultants & trainers who want to learn & benefit from the
experience & guidance
of a successful coach.












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