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In The Media

Creating Your Best Life, by Caroline Miller (Sterling Publishing, January 2009)
"My coach, Judy Feld, kept me moving with astutue suggestions and guidance..."

Business 2.0: January 2004
"When I Say Work, I Mean Work! "A good coach can make ...your entire existence easier." (an excerpt)
Karen Duester's coach, Judy Feld, challenged her client to eliminate the chief sources of distraction. "Judy asked me what would happen if I simply stopped picking up the phone and answering my e-mail during working hours," Duester (President of Food Consulting Co.) recalls. "I thought, that's a great idea....Revenues are up 60 percent since Feld started providing advice, and Duester is considerably less harried. "Karen needed to filter what gets in," says Feld....In the process of learning to set boundaries, Duester has also weeded out difficult clients who take more time than they're worth.

Smart Money: The Wall Street Journal Magazine of Personal Business (an excerpt): January 2004
In the article “Just RewardsExpert advice on how to negotiate...", Your job doesn't directly affect your firm's profits? Note your indirect impact. "If you're in human resources, show how you designed and implemented incentive programs that motivated the sales force to work harder," says Judy Feld, an executive and career coach in Dallas.

The School Administrator: November 2003
Executive Coaching (cover story)
Feld says coaching is on the increase because it works. She says most gains in the private sector come in the form of increased productivity, greater job satisfaction, higher retention rates and more skilled leadership.

New York Times:October 7, 2001
When the Work Path Turns, Can a Guide Help? (an excerpt)
Lori Sallet, 37, hired Ms. Feld after leaving MCI in 1999 after it was acquired by WorldCom. "Then I was faced with `Where do I go next?' " said Ms. Sallet, who was also re- evaluating her life in Washington, where she was living at the time....Ms. Feld also helped Ms. Sallet change the way she approached her work life. ...But Ms. Sallet's work with Ms. Feld did not end there. Shecontinues to consult with her coach almost every week and has used the relationship to help her build her business and draw boundaries...."I'm very happy," she said. "First of all she's helped me make my business very successful, and successful on my own terms." "The client has to feel the coach understands the world they live in; there needs to be good chemistry and good communication," Ms. Feld said.

Working Woman (an excerpt): August 2000
Judy Feld, an executive and professional coach in Dallas, gets about 250 E-mail messages daily and sorts them into categories, organizing them with filters and labels. (an excerpt): April 5, 2000
"If self-employment still sounds appealing....master your business skills before you can realistically consider working for yourself, according to Judy Feld, a business and professional coach in Dallas." (an excerpt): April 4, 2000
Is telephone coaching catching on? Judy Feld is one coach who prefers to work in the virtual world "... because it takes less timea minute after the call they're (my clients) back to doing their workit's cost-effective for them."

Fast Company (an excerpt): March 2000
CyberCoach Feld says, "E-mail helps us move the advice-giving process so much faster. Using E-mail, I've been able to review (with my clients) resumes, cover letters, even outlines of talking points for an interview."

Working Woman (an excerpt): February 2000
If the thrill is gone, maybe you're riding through life a little too easily.... If you're intimidated, "ask yourself what's the worst thing that could happen," suggests Dallas business coach Judy Feld...because "Ninety-five percent of the time it's something you can deal with."

TechRepublic (an excerpt): July 27, 1999
Judy F. Feld and Ernest F. Oriente created "Coaching Success TeleForums", which really fill the bill for companies that have the need to stay connected to more than one person."

TechRepublic (an excerpt): July 22, 1999
"Have you ever wanted to bounce your ideas and thoughts off a person whose sole purpose is to help you professionally and personally? CIOs consult Feld for advice on organizational change, success strategies, strategic planning, leadership and decision-making skills."

Fortune (an excerpt): September 1998
Sue Moore says of her work with Judy Feld, "I needed the discipline of someone being with me every week, making sure I stuck to my goals."
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