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Judy, I enjoy your classes and your coaching group IMMENSELY.
I am awestruck about how good you are at pointing out
coaching techniques after you listen to a conversation.
I am learning so much from you. So thanks for that.
S.B., Coach
You continue to amaze me at your ability to support
from a variety of perspectives (and while donning
different "hats", as well!). Thank you for modeling such a strong personal trait, and for having such confidence in me!
M.D., Coach
Thank you for this wonderful experience. You are truly skillful and insightful, yet so very kind. Thank you again, and I hope to work with you again in some way in the future.You are amazing at listening. What you pull out!!
S.B., Coach
I want to thank you for the truly outstanding presentation you gave on "Coaching in the Four-Generation Workplace" today.... It of the best attended meetings we've ever had...and judging by the questions and dialogue our folks got a great deal of value from it. ...You delivered the goods!.
Ronald V. Paxton
Co-Author, "The Michelangelo Method: Release Your Inner Masterpiece and Create an Extraordinary Life"

Judy Feld,
Thank you so much for your leadership and knowledge that you brought to our group coaching... I feel that you have added so much value to helping me (and others in the group) see and appreciate a much bigger picture when it comes to coaching and understanding that I'm not solving problems but helping the client move forward. Your feedback has made a huge impact on my understanding and practice of coaching.
D. F. Coach
I have almost set up two more strategic alliances set up just from the conference this week. And, have been invited to present on grant writing at their national conference in March. Will be working my coaching business into that presentation as a value add for my clients. Thanks for all the encouragement with alliances. These are all wins due to your sparking the Strategic Alliances portion of my brain. I’m seeing them all over the place now!
Karla W. Sartin
Quantified Consulting, Inc.
Business Process Improvement Coach

Judy Feld is a consummate professional in every aspect of the coaching profession. She wastes no time getting to the heart of the matter and is prompt in all her promises and intentions to a fault. Having said that she is also extremely kind, considerate, and experienced on many levels particularly as it relates to enhancing one's success in their business as well as their personal matters. Personally she has helped me achieve many desired results not only in my profession but in my personal life as it relates to my success in my own business.
I've really enjoyed your input, influence, suggestions,'re a valuable asset to humanity.
Deborah White, Professional Coach and Mother of two teenagers.
Thank you for setting up these Forums! I think this is truly awesome. You continually go above and beyond expectation. I can't thank you enough for the top quality program.... You're truly the best. I love the SmartMatch Alliances. This has been a fabulous wealth of information. Thank you!
D.B., VP
Your support and encouragement to the group and to me personally has been a real positive.
Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge.
V.P., Coach
In the past I might have moved on before stopping to appreciate accomplishments. Over the past month, I took the time to reflect on all that has happened in the past couple of years....Thank you for your support. I will always remember your willingness to help and I hope I am able to do the same for others in the future. In this way, your kindness will continue to pass onthrough me and then, hopefully, through others.
The coaching profession is lucky to have you as the high water mark for excellence.|
C.L. , Coach
I have enjoyed "Propel Your Practice" very much and have learned a great deal from the wealth of information that you have given to the group. Also, it's been relaxed and fun. You coach with a great sense of humor and insight and I appreciate both very much. My report for today is that I have a new client.
L.P., Coach
Ref: "Coaching in the Four-Generation Workplace"
Judy, you were great today. Wonderful information, and I liked the style you used. I know my peers were digesting the value you brought.
On a side note, I teach marketing at a local college. They have asked instructors to be more sensitive to the generation differences, and we had a training session on the topic. And this is cute — last night in class only a few knew that someone hosted the Tonight Show before Jay Leno.
M.S. (IBM)
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