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Mentor Coaching / Individual Coaching

I work with coaches at all levels of experience.

I support you in leveraging all of your assets — business or professional experience, education, unique interests, talents and personal styleto build a rewarding and enjoyable coaching practice and a great life. I am told that I am insightful, articulate, humorous and direct in requesting action and celebrating your progress. We work on coaching skills and on marketing your coaching practice.


  • I offer one-to-one mentor coaching at a special discounted rate for coaches in training.

  • I offer Client Call Supervision (for Certification via the ICF).

  • I am a licensed Coaching Clinic facilitator.

  • I was founder and ACTP Training Director of the Executive and Professional Coaching Program in the School of Management, University of Texas at Dallas.

For a free 20-minute consultation contact Judy with "Mentor Coaching" mentioned in the e-mail or form submission. We'll determine the format and/or group placement that best serves you including referral to other mentor coaches if appropriate).

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