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Groups & classes

Judy Feld has been a pioneer in the development
of group coaching models--starting in 1996 with
the coaching profession.

Group coaching in a telephone conference format is convenient, efficient
and cost-effective, providing regularly scheduled coaching meetings for professional coaches, consultants & trainers under the leadership of an experienced ICF-credentialed coach (MCC).

Currently offered topical groups and classes include:

  • Coaching in the Four-Generation Workplace
    For the first time we now have four generations in the workplace.
    It's crowded in there! This class will focus on traits specific to each generation, and, most importantly, what a coach needs to know (and apply) to understand their interactions, issues, styles and preferences. Find out more.

  • Credentialing Fast-Track Program
    Efficiently optimize your preparation for an ICF credential.
    If you have accumulated the coaching hours required (or are nearing that mark) this group will give you the opportunity to join with two MCC coaches and coaching peers in this fast-paced, substantive, practical group experience. It will give you the support to ensure that you will follow through on your credentialing quest with the tools and confidence you need to successfully complete this credentialing quest. Find out more.

  • Propel Your Practice
    By popular demand, PYP is returning — as a teleclass, with the opportunity to earn 6 hours of CEUs. This is a popular, efficient, fun and cost-effective way for coaches to leverage their time, experience and efforts to build a successful practice without struggle or high risk. Find out more.

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