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  What They Say
"It gets more interesting and challenging by the day, and that's what I love about this 4-Generation topic."

Coaching in the Four Generation Workplace

For the first time we now have four generations
in the workplace.

It's crowded in there! This class will focus on
traits specific to each generation, and, most importantly,
what a coach needs to know (and apply) to understand their interactions, issues, styles and preferences.


Coaching in the Four-Generation Workplace TeleClass
Watch for the announcement of our next program to begin in early 2013. Send an e-mail to be placed on the announcement list or request information about custom corporate workshops.



Topics Outline:

  • Who are the four generations? We see some variation in the labels and dates used, with the following commonly understood:
      • The Silent Generation was born before 1946
      • Baby Boomers were born between 1946 and 1964
      • Gen Xers were born between 1965 and 1980
      • Millennials (sometimes called Gen Yers or Generation Next) were born after 1981
  • How do we recognize them, if not by age or hierarchy? How do common experiences shape the personality of a generation?
  • What are the challenges of leadership, management and team development that pertain to each generation?
  • How do we best coach each generation — individually and in groups?
  • What pitfalls can we anticipate in our coaching?
  • Additional resources, research and suggested workshops and presentations will be discussed.
  • Additional resources, research and suggested workshops and presentations will be offered. Slide deck included.
If you would like to receive additional information about the four generations in the workplace and a registration form: contact Judy and indicate that you are interested in finding out more about "Four-Generations" workshops and coaching. She would be happy to answer your questions.
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