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Judy Feld has been invaluable in helping me to navigate
over the years from one interesting work situation
to another, and to clearly identify what I wanted to do,
instead of accepting what seemed to be available or
what was the most logical next step in my career.
In each case, I was able to craft the type of work I wanted
and to receive excellent compensation for it. Throughout
each process, I increasingly learned how to communicate clearly about what I wanted in a clear, calm, non-confrontational manner and in words that felt comfortable to me. In fact, Judy sometimes helped me to find the words I most wanted to use and a manner that was comfortable and more effective than my habitual patterns.

I find Judy's help to be prompt, specific, gentle and perceptive. She has enabled me to more clearly identify my strengths and the type of work I most wanted to do. My skills in negotiating and in saying what I want in a relaxed, clear manner have increasingly improved, as has my confidence gifts that I have applied with great success in both my personal and work life. Judy also inspired and helped design and facilitate a telephone conference for physicians about cancer risk for eight years.

Patricia T. Kelly, Ph.D.
Medical Geneticist
Cancer Risk Assessment

Our successful journey together… My perfect fit
Challenges became opportunities when I decided to launch my new business. Then my opportunities challenged my success. After many interviews, Judy’s background, experience, knowledge, and coaching style was my perfect fit. Together, we created my business model with visionary clarity, specific activity and accountability. Judy’s unique listening and coaching abilities helped to understand the needed healthy paradigm shifts in me, both personally and professionally. Initially, I projected a 6-12 month coach Judy relationship to specifically establish my coaching practice. Today, Judy & I are now into our 4+ year trusting coach relationship which together continually challenge, strategize, encourage, measure, and celebrate my professional and personal life goals and dreams. Continued thanks to my coach and friend……. My perfect fit, Judy Feld.
G.W., Entrepreneur

I've worked with Judy on an ongoing basis for seven years now! She's fantastic. As an entrepreneur with a thriving and growing business, my primary motivation for hiring a coach in the beginning was to develop a strategy to allow me to take business-free vacations. With Judy's help and insights, I accomplished this (and so much more) while strengthened my business standards in the process. Judy is fun to work with, has a great sense of humor, and a wonderful curiosity. It's a comfort to me knowing that she's a ready sounding board and advisor for any business problem I have."

Karen C. Duester, MS, RD,
President, Food Consulting Company

I had the opportunity to participate in Judy's course entitled "Coaching for the Four-Generation Workplace," and it was a real eye-opener. I learned a great deal in this course, and it has assisted me in planning for the future with my healthcare organization. I enjoyed the course immensely and didn't want to see it end. It not only enhanced my knowledge and skills...but it was fun.

Patricia Woods, Ph.D.
Chief Learning Officer

I want to thank you for the truly outstanding presentation you gave on "Coaching in the Four-Generation Workplace" today.... It of the best attended meetings we've ever had...and judging by the questions and dialogue our folks got a great deal of value from it. ...You delivered the goods!.

Ronald V. Paxton
Co-Author, "The Michelangelo Method: Release Your Inner Masterpiece and Create an Extraordinary Life"

Just wanted to share...and say THANK YOU!
I created 2 more strategic alliances..... Thanks for all the encouragement with alliances. I'm seeing them all over the place now!

These are all wins due to your sparking the Strategic Alliances portion of my brain.
What a great year it's been and looking forward to more SmartMatch Alliances to come.

Karla W. Sartin
Grant Writer, Mediator, Business Process Improvement Coach

I found our coaching sessions extremely helpful in finalizing my preparation for my new career search.

E.H., Corporate Strategy Manager

Thank you for setting up these Forums! I think this is truly awesome. You continually go above and beyond expectation. I can't thank you enough for the top quality program.... You're truly the best. I love the SmartMatch Alliances. This has been a fabulous wealth of information. Thank you!

D.B., VP

Ref: "Coaching in the Four-Generation Workplace"
Judy, you were great today. Wonderful information, and I liked the style you used. I know my peers were digesting the value you brought.

On a side note, I teach marketing at a local college. They have asked instructors to be more sensitive to the generation differences, and we had a training session on the topic. And this is cutelast night in class only a few knew that someone hosted the Tonight Show before Jay Leno.

M.S. (IBM)

"Coaching in the Four-Generation Workplace" to the ASTD Chapter last night. Your energy and presentation received great feedback from our largest crowd of the year! Thank you again for taking time out of your schedule.

S.P. Program Chair

Your presentation was really of the best that I have had through out the years. Alliances are extremely important today...

Your presentation was really excellent. As I told you, it was probably one of the best that I have had through out the years that we have been sponsoring these Pathfinder's meetings. Thank you very much for your presentation and your book. Alliances are extremely important today, since so many people are freelancing and starting their own service business

Helen Harkness, Ph.D.
Career Design Associates, Inc.
Author of:
Best Jobs for the Future
The Career Chase
Don't Stop the Career Clock
Capitalizing on Career Chaos

"Thanks for helping me get an enormous raise and a great relocation package!"
A senior executive — about his critical career transition.
"With your coaching, I got back my life."
A female Vice President who increased career success — while juggling
multiple roles and large challenges.

"Your semi-monthly calls brought our teams from chaos to clarity."
V.P., HR — about a custom-designed series of TeleForums on
"Organizational Change" for a Fortune 100 company.

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