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Programs, Groups & Classes

Group Coaching
Group coaching in a telephone conference format is
convenient, efficient and cost-effective, providing regularly
scheduled coaching meetings that are interactive and dynamic,
linking 5-15 participants - in corporations, organizations and/or
associations. Find out more.

CAPSTONE Career Management Workshops
This workshop was developed to focus on the importance of career self-determination and individual branding. It provides quick lessons in strategic thinking, timely examples of career management strategies, impetus to ditch some old bad habits, launch some new good habits - and have some fun! Find out more.

Leadership in the Four-Generation Workplace
For the first time we now have four generations in the workplace. It's crowded in there! This program focuses on traits specific to each generation, and, most importantly, what leaders and managers need to understand about the generations', issues, styles and preferences to create a productive and cooperative workplace environment. Find out more.

Retirement Resiliency
Who are the 'working retired' and what do they want and need? More and more corporations and organizations are offering flexibility, increased options, programs and coaching resources to their employees (or members) nearing traditional retirement age. Find out more.

SuperWoman Symposium
A workshop for forward-thinking corporations and organizations providing women's initiative programs or other support for the leadership and career development of their female employees. Find out more.







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