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SmartMatch Alliances™
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Leadership in the Four-Generation Workplace
Workers from 4 generations present interesting challenges & opportunities to leaders, managers, and their teams.
  What They Say
"Your presentation was really excellent ... one of the best that I have had through out the years. Alliances are extremely important today...".
  Wisdom From History
"Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand and I will move the earth".
~ Archimedes, circa 240 B.C.

Teleforums for Organizations

We offer a wide variety of customized group coaching,
distance learning, meeting facilitation and expert
presentations delivered by telephone in a format we
call CoachNet TeleForums™. A TeleForum uses a
workshop format in a 60-minute interactive telephone
conference call. CoachNet TeleForums™ work with a
cohesive group of people in your specific profession, company, industry or association.

We cover topics of interest for a wide variety of businesses.

During a typical TeleForum you will receive insight, information, feedback, coaching, resources, tips, tools, techniques and valuable new ideas.

TeleForums are interactive and dynamic, linking participants in corporations, and/or associations who are geographically dispersed. Each TeleForum session is easily accessed by telephone, which means you can participate and experience this lively and informative exchange of ideas from the convenience of your office or home … with no travel expense.

If you would like to receive additional information about TeleForums for companies and organizations contact Judy and indicate that you are interested in this topic.









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