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Leadership Coaching

We are seeing a strong growth in the number of
organization (and the number of coaches) focusing on
the development of effective leaders. Leadership coaching,
with an experienced, insightful, well-prepared coach, can
transform high-potential managers and employees into
strategic leaders who achieve optimal results for their organizations and their people, eliminating barriers to achievement.

From article in Fast Company Magazine (2007) on "How Leaders Learn":

"The other significant finding is the high ranking of executive coachingthe first time this ... method has cracked the top five. It appears that ... executive coaching has gained favor. With executives increasingly under the gun to move quickly and make complex decisions, it makes sense that companies would want a coach to walk managers through challenging situations with a potentially big payoff from the performance improvement that can be gained."

Experience as a corporate leader combined with experience as an executive coach yield positive results for clients and their organizations:

In her more than twenty years of business experience prior to her coaching career, Judy Feld has held corporate management positions in marketing, consulting, business development, research and software design. As former vice-president of AMR Information Services (American Airlines), Judy led a team that helped to envision future uses of technology and deliver it to a global markets. She was instrumental in the formulation of a joint venture with the French National Railroad (SNCF) which was an early example of a well-performing international virtual allianceliving and working in Paris. She was a key leader of the ResaRail 2000 project, lived in Paris and worked in the ResaRail 2000 offices. The venture was a success from both a technological and organizational context, despite complex issues of culture, technology and history. New work and leadership cultures bridging the gap between the two parent firms were implemented.

If you would like to receive additional information about leadership coaching contact Judy and indicate that you are interested in this topic.



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