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Leadership in the Four-Generation Workplace
Workers from 4 generations present interesting challenges & opportunities to leaders, managers, and their teams.
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~ Archimedes, circa 240 B.C.

CAPSTONE Career Management Workshops
When companies partner with employees
to increase career resiliency all parties win.

Long-gone are the days when savvy employees could
assume their employers controlled their careers. We are
seeing accelerating career shifts - where self-management
pays off. The CAPSTONE Career Coaching Workshop was
developed to focus on the importance of career self-determination and individual branding - and I have been invited by major corporation to deliver it at their employee meetings. Companies are investing in the career resiliency of their employees — and choosing a coaching approach to deliver the message. In this time of accelerating career shifts it is vital to have a plan that is specific, measurable, and action-oriented. This interactive fast-paced workshop provides some quick lessons in strategic thinking and timely examples of career management strategies. We also provide the impetus to ditch some old bad habits, launch some new good habits - and have some fun! Here's what it covers:

CAPSTONE Career Management — Winning Strategies
C - Control Your Career
A - Assess Your Strengths
P - Plan For Action
S - Strategic Thinking Brings Success
T - TrendsImportant Clues in Career Management
O - Overcome Bad Habits
N - Nurture Your Network
E - Education is Key! Be a lifelong learner.

Career Resiliency — From the Inside Out ©
The corporate world is changing and the pace of that change is accelerating. The expectations of both employees and employers do not resemble what we saw and heard a short five years ago. We have been noticing a number of common threads emerging in our work with coaching clients, as some struggle with the major decision of whether to stay in their corporate job or choose another option. Lately we are seeing another interesting shift on the part of employers. Corporations are encouraging career resiliency on the part of their own employees - and providing coaching resources to increase employees' skills in self-determination and self management. We work together to answer some key questions that will help your determine your optimal career path.

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