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Coaching: executives & Professionals

Coaching Model / Approach
Working with a coach is a great way to
accelerate your development in business, skills,
knowledge and relationships. Find out more here.

Client Profiles
Judy Feld is is known for her successful work with a variety of coaching clients and situations. Find out more here.

Career Coaching
The Career Transition Program has been designed to provide one-on-one individualized attention during the process of transitioning to a new position or career. Find out more here.

SuperWoman Coaching
Judy Feld combines the many lessons learned from a long corporate career and extensive coaching experience with women executives and managers to provide solution-focused coaching with a strategic approach to SuperWoman. Find out more here.

Retirement Resiliency
If you are 50 or older and looking for work, or just planning ahead, working with a career coach is an effective way to implement strategies - or a completely new direction that suits you. Find out more here.







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