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SuperWoman Coaching

Who is SuperWoman? Do you see her in the mirror?

We are living in complex times, and we know that
both women and men have:

  • Multiple roles
  • Complex lives
  • Family responsibilities
  • Over-commitment-itis

Women may (more so):

  • Take time off
  • Do more at home/elder care
  • Neglect networking
  • Be stereotyped!
  • Earn less!

How can SuperWoman manage it all? We are all pressed for time and searching for balance, peace and joy. Executive and managerial women must focus on trends in the workplace, issues of loyalty and security, company culture and politics, and future career satisfaction. Entrepreneurial and professional women are also juggling many complex priorities—all competing for their time. Female leaders in science, mathematics, engineering and technology are facing new pressures that impact their career satisfaction. Women in the field of science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) face career and work-life balance challenges every single day.

SuperWoman's cape is becoming tattered!

Judy Feld combines the many lessons learned from a long corporate career and extensive coaching experience with women executives and managers to provide solution-focused coaching with a strategic approach to SuperWoman - individually and in groups. Individual coaching focuses on your specific agenda and objectives. Coaching by telephone is geographically independent, cost effective and efficient.

To help you explore the possibilities of private coaching or joining a group, Judy offers a 20-minute telephone consultation, which will be scheduled at no cost to you.

If you are interested in a related workshop "The SuperWoman Symposium" for your organization you can learn more about our workshops and keynote presentations for corporate women's initiative programs here.

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