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Career Coaching

Career Transition
The Career Transition Program has been
designed to provide one-on-one individualized
attention during the process of transitioning to
a new position or career. We also work with
professionals who want to personally redefine retirement and create a post-retirement career. Career Coaching works best with those people who are highly motivated, work well independently and are open to embracing new methodologies and technologies and making significant changes. It is a cost-effective alternative to traditional outplacement services, and a balanced approach to career and life planning.

Career Coaching programs range from $500 to $1600 per month, depending on the individual needs and preferences of the client. Request a telephone consultation.

We use a variety of validated and powerful assessment tools to gain insight into your path to optimal career satisfaction. Individuals benefit from the same tools that corporations use in making their hiring and promotion decisions. This means we can measure how you respond to your work environment, why you are motivated to act in a certain way, your behavioral style/personality type, communications style, values, attitudes, etc. Of course, to support your career decisions we also look at your professional experience, education, background, talents, and your specific work environment.

CAPSTONE Career Management Workshops
For companies who want to partner with employees to increase career resiliency. Find out more here.

Career Resiliency—From the Inside Out ©
Corporations are encouraging career resiliency on the part of their own employees - and providing coaching resources to increase employees' skills in self-determination and self management. Find out more here.

To help you explore the possibilities of working with a coach, Judy offers a 20-minute telephone consultation, which will be scheduled at no cost to you.

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